The UNESCO-URL Chair’s MISSION is to apply a university cooperation model based on the integral education of people, research and knowledge transferal, thereby strengthening an integrated system of actions. The latter specifically focus on education, science and technology and all in pursuit of a fundamental objective: research has to have a positive impact on human development. 

The Chair’s OBJECTIVES include, on the one hand, promoting and consolidating relations between member countries through the creation of inter-university cooperation networks. On the other, it strives to strengthen the higher education institutions themselves, thus ensuring the continuity of their projects implemented within the framework of the Chair.

To fulfil its objectives, the Chair organises spaces for debates (conferences, seminars, etc.), prepares educational material and publications, and implements its University Cooperation for Development (CUD) projects. In addition, it also organises undergraduate and postgraduate courses and has a PhD programme in specific fields for both professors and researchers in developing countries.

The Chair’s ORGANISATIONAL STRUCTURE is as follows:

Executive Committee


Josep M. Garrell i Guiu
Carlo Maria Gallucci Calabrese
Antonio Pérez Portabella
José Manuel Moreno

Chair President
Chair Director
Director, Santander’s University Programmes in Catalonia
Director, Santander’s University Programmes 



Academic Committee


Jaume Aymar, Sandra Balcells, Marta Camprodón, Rebeca Carpi, Lluís Costa, Jordi Ficapal, Carles Giol, Oscar Mateos, Mirian Millan, Enric Ordeix, Xavier Pujadas and Jaume Maranges.



Collaborating faculty


Jordi Riera
Carlos Moslares
Alfred Vernis
Rosa Nomen
Julià Sempere
Francesc Broto
Jordi Abellà
Antoni Planas
Amador Ferrer
Lluis Comellas
Montserrat Agut
Maria Luisa Castro Esparza
Fernando Caller
Francisco Chavez
Carlos Arias
Blanquerna Faculty of Psychology, Education Sciences and Sport
IQS School of Management
IQS School of Engineering
IQS School of Engineering
IQS School of Engineering
IQS School of Engineering
IQS School of Engineering
IQS School of Engineering
IQS School of Engineering
IQS School of Engineering
Centro Panamericano de Ingeniería Sanitaria CEPIS-BS/SDE/OPS
Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería UNI -Perú         
Universidad Centroamericana «José Simeón Cañas», el Salvador
University of Aarhus, Dinamarca 

URL implements actions aimed at organising and supporting diverse, public and open conferences, seminars and the creation of online forums to debate on the topics included within the Chair’s mission.

URL cooperation conferences


Thematic conferences

  • Participation in the “5th University and Cooperation Conference”, Cadiz, April 2011
  • Participation in the “12th International Conference on Wetlands Systems for Water Pollution Control”, Venice, Italy (October 2010)
  • Participation in the “International Scientific Conference on Technologies for Development UNESCO Chair”, Lausanne, Switzerland (February 2010)


Consult: Archive of thematic conferences from 2005 to 2009.


We prepare both hard-copy and online texts on subjects addressed by the Chair. These publications serve as initial ethical references to implement balanced development projects in keeping with the Chair’s mission.

  • Aristos Campus Mundus 2015 Awards: "Ignacio Ellacuría de Estudios de Interés Social" and "Buenas prácticas en cooperación universitaria" (2013).
  • Edition of the book: Economía global: actualidad y tendencias
    Coordinated by Carlos Moslares (IQS) and Álvaro Pedroza (ITESO), Mexico (2010).
  • Edition of the documentary: Tipón: sinfonía del agua
    Coordinated by Mario Fernando Caller Salas (Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Peru) in collaboration with Dr. Rosario Pastor (UNESCO-URL Chair) (2010).
  • Preparation of the guides: Guías para el diseño, construcción, operación y mantenimiento de humedales construidos
    Coordinated by Dr. Rosario Pastor (UNESCO-URL Chair) in collaboration with Dr. Carlos Arias (Aarhus University, Denmark) (2009-2010). 
  • Edition of the book: Tipón: Monumento Histórico Internacional de la Ingeniería Hidráulica de los Incas
    Coordinated by Mario Fernando Caller Salas (Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería, Peru) in collaboration with Dr. Rosario Pastor (UNESCO-URL Chair) (2007). 
  • Edition of the book: Bloques regionales vs nacionalismo
    Coordinated by Carlos Moslares (IQS) and edited by UNESCO-URL Chair (2007)

The aim of the UNESCO-URL Chair PhD programme is to institutionally strengthen the higher education entities in participating countries, training professors, researchers and highly qualified professionals. One of the programme’s key objectives is to promote the preparation of PhD theses in especially relevant topics for the development of the candidates’ countries of origin.

The programme enables PhD candidates to take advantage of short stays at Universitat Ramón Llull so as to not be gone from their institutions for long periods. In the first phase, candidates have to fulfil the number of credits established in URL’s specific PhD programme regulations. For this, URL and the Latin American universities attempt to coordinate each other to minimise efforts and resources, bearing in mind priority areas, institutional efforts and research projection in the countries of origins.

The programme also aims to support candidates completing PhD classes, obtaining an official Master’s and preparing, defending and presenting their theses through scholarships which cover travel expenses, housing and food as well as teaching expenses for candidates while at URL.

Further information in Spanish

Humanistic, scientific and technological projects

Within the framework of the University Cooperation for Development (CUD) programme, the UNESCO-URL Chair organises training and research activities to motivate young entrepreneurs who want to launch a competent and imaginative business project based on the realities of their own specific countries. In addition, it also encourages scientific and technological projects with the region’s researchers.

Further information in Spanish
1) Projects financed by the UNESCO-URL Chair
2) Projects financed by the Catalan Agency for Development Cooperation, ACCD
3) Projects financed by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation, AECID


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