Research and Innovation Office

The Research and Innovation Office is a unit within the Rector’s Office at Universitat Ramon Llull. The aim of this office is to support researchers and facilitate their access to grants and support programmes for research, knowledge transferral and innovation.

The office’s primary functions include:

Facilitate researchers’ access to grants and research, knowledge transferral and innovation programmes.
Prepare and communicate information regarding the latest research carried out.
Represent the university’s research community before the different institutions which make up the R&D&I governance system.
Create and publish scientific material to raise awareness about the activity of URL’s research groups.
Manage, maintain and administer the university’s research management tool: GREC-URL.
Familiarise URL’s teaching and research staff about key legislation regarding intellectual property rights to ensure that our personnel duly protect their creations.

At the Office of Research and Innovation we support the research community of the URL in all its dimensions: Diptych

Research and Innovation Office

Dr. Lluís Comellas Riera
Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation
Tel. (34) 936 022 236
Dr. Laia Ros i Blanco
Director, Research and Innovation Office
Research Management - IPR and Technology Transfer
Tel. (34) 936 022 233
    Mr. Jaume Condal Domingo
Research Management - Spain - Competitive Projects
Tel. (34) 936 022 237
    Ms. Anna Caellas Camprubí
Research Management - PhD's - Open Access and Archive
Tel. (+34) 936 022 248
    Ms. Idoia Villanueva Sagarra
Research Management - GREC
Tel. (+34) 936 022 236
    Ms. Ruth Babington
Research Management - European projects - HR Grants for Faculty and Researchers
Tel. (+34) 936 022 222
    Ms. Mireia Reniu Fructuoso
Research Management
Tel. (+34) 936 022 200


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