Pedagogical innovation and quality

Pedagogical innovation and quality

One of Universitat Ramon Llull’s primary strategies has always been to guarantee the quality, innovation and excellence of the educational programmes and services it provides. For this reason, both in the different centres that make up URL as well as the central services provided by the Rector’s Office, a culture of pedagogical quality and innovation are a part of the main pillars of the university’s strategic policies. The latter focus on consolidating the structures, processes and tools which allow the university to achieve the excellence targets it has established as an educational institution.

In this section you’ll find all the relevant information about the URL Academic-Teaching Quality and Innovation Unit which is in charge of coordinating and managing the different quality and innovation policies in our university as well as all the different areas in which the URL’s innovation and quality strategies are implemented. These areas consist of the following:

Academic policy office
Universitat Ramon Llull
C. Claravall, 1-3. 08022 Barcelona
Tel. (+34) 936 022 200 | Fax (+34) 936 022 249

Ramon Llull University
Claravall 1-3. 08022 Barcelona
T. (34) 902 053 010 | (34) 936 022 200
F. (34) 936 022 249 |
NIF G-59069740

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