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There are currently four research chairs at Universitat Ramon Llull:

  • The Ramon Llull ETHOS Chair provides support to all the research groups at URL dedicated to applied ethics and which also provide consulting services to renowned companies. This Chair’s priority areas of research and work are: ethics in organisations, professional ethics, bioethics, ethics in the media, corporate social responsibility and educational strategies to foment ethics.
  • The UNESCO – URL Chair in Education, Development and Technology contributes to human development by means of a work platform which integrates all URL centres as well as centres and associations from different countries. This Chair applies a cooperative model based on three pillars (the integral education of people, research and knowledge transferral) and has one fundamental goal: the object of research has to have a repercussion on personal development and improve human capacities.
  • The Chair of Responsible Tourism and Hospitality is a chair of the Ramon Llull University promoted by the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management of Sant Ignasi, whose objective is to develop research and transfer of knowledge in the field of responsible tourism and hospitality in order to raise awareness and contribute to the responsible, sustainable and accessible development of tourism. To achieve this, the Chair generates, shares and disseminates knowledge and experience on responsible tourism and hospitality with tourism companies, ensuring the responsible and accessible development of the sector, as well as with the public administration, to whom the chair advises and offers specialized training.
  • The The Chair of Social and Restorative justice of the Ramon Llull University, the Pere Tarrés Faculty of Social education and social work, aims to promote a model of justice that emphasizes a restorative response to the damage caused, under an inclusive view of the parties affected by that damage. The Chair encourages interdisciplinary research, promotes social debate, evaluates programs, models and practices, participates in public and private areas and gives visibility to restorative processes, in order to transform the current model of social justice.

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