Teaching innovation

Pedagogical-teaching innovation has always been one of the differentiating traits of Universitat Ramon Llull’s methodological and educational proposal for its programmes.

For this reason, the teaching innovation area in UQIAD-URL proposes strengthening the faculty’s teaching innovation and refresher activities carried out at our university both globally as an institution and at each centre.

The primary objective of this area is to reinforce and consolidate URL’s pedagogical model through innovation and excellence. To achieve this, UQIAD-URL designs and implements different strategic actions based around this element. It also provides support to the different centres to develop their own pedagogical innovation proposals and projects.

In this case, UQIAD-URL counts on the support of the URL Teaching Innovation and Modernisation Commission. The latter’s function is to propose, advise, support and evaluate pedagogical-teaching innovation and refresher actions at our university.

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