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Ensuring quality and achieving excellence represent two of Universitat Ramon Llull’s key activities. For this reason, it is fundamental we define policies and global and transversal strategic lines for all URL centres in terms of innovation and academic-teaching quality. The quality plans we have prepared thus far in this area are a clear example.

URL’s academic-teaching quality and innovation policy is based on the following principles:

  1. The aim of URL’s strategic policy is to encourage, transmit and support a culture of shared quality and excellence at the university.  
  2. URL’s academic-teaching quality policy aims to meet international, national and local quality standards.
  3. The objective of our internal monitoring and evaluation processes is to support decision-making and the presentation of proposals to improve our educational offering and services.
  4. The URL’s academic-teaching quality policy is implemented through the academic-teaching quality and innovation plans.
  5. We understand the relation between quality and innovation to be inseparable. For this reason we encourage the creation of policies and proposals in the teaching innovation area.
  6. Our academic-teaching quality and innovation policies have a direct impact on our educational programmes, teaching activities and the services and resources which support learning.
  7. The academic-teaching quality and innovation policies defined in the plans are implemented through the quality units/areas and the URL Quality and Innovation Unit (UQIAD-URL).
  8. Participation by the different stakeholders in the quality monitoring and evaluation process is a key element to ensure the process is coherent and consistent.
  9. Our centres participate in external quality evaluation and accreditation processes, both international as well as national and local in scope.
  10. Transparently sharing information regarding URL’s educational offering and services as well as the results obtained is another strategic action aimed at ensuring the university’s quality and excellence.

Attached documents (available in Catalan):
URL academic-teaching quality and innovation plan (2008-2010 action plan)
URL academic-teaching quality and innovation plan (2011-2013 action plan)
URL academic-teaching quality and innovation plan (2014-2016 action plan)

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