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University Expert Certificate
University Diploma Specialising
Postgraduate Course

IQS School of Engineering SCI Master in Packaging Management
  SCI Executive Master in Purchasing
  SCI Executive Master ITM - Industrial & Technical Management
  SCI Master in Quality Management
  SCI Master in Operations Management in the Industrial Sector
  SCI PC in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Industry
  SCI UDS in Quality Laboratory Advanced Management
  SCI UDS in Quality Management in Manufacturing Sites
  SCI UEC in Paints Technology
  SCI UEC in Packaging Industrialization
  SCI UEC in Design and Development of Packaging
  SCI UEC in Packaging Management
  SCI UEC in Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  SCI UEC in Manufacturing Plant Leadership (MPL)
IQS School of Management SLS UDS in Management International Purchasing (MIP)
Blanquerna Faculty of
Psychology, Education
Sciences and Sport (FPESS)
HSC Master in Early Intervention and Family (jointly with VBUIMH)
SLS Máster en Atención Precoz y Familia
SLS Master in Adlerian Counseling
  SLS Iberoamerican Master in Systemic Therapy
  SLS Master in Creativity, Education and Health
  SLS Master in Positive Behavior Support (PBS). Management of the problematic behavior in childhood, youth and adulthood
  SLS Master in Inter-religious, Ecumenical and Cultural Dialogue
  SLS Master in Competence Learning and Teaching
  SLS Master in Pre-school Education: Context and language
  SLS UDS in Innovative Methodologies at School
  SLS UDS in Psychomotricity
  SLS UDS in Neuroscience and Education
  SLS UDS in Hospital Pedagogy in Neonatology and Paediatric
  SLS UDS in Training Montessori Guides 3-12
  SLS UDS in Speech Therapy Intervention in Voice Disruption
  SLS UDS in Mythology and Symbolism
  SLS UEC in Narrative Therapy. Principles and resources in the clinical and education
  SLS UEC in School Management
  SLS UEC in Leadership and School Management
  SLS UEC in Diversity Support in Educational Environments
  SLS UEC in Escola de Pastoral Educativa
  SLS UEC inMusic, Creativity and Movement
Blanquerna School of
Communication and
International Relations
SLS Master in Integrated Corporate Communication
SLS Master in Fashion Communication
SLS Master in Sport Communication
  SLS Master in Strategy and Direction of Public Relations
  SLS Master in International Journalism
  SLS Master in Entertainment Television Programmes
  SLS Master in Protocol, Institutional Relations and Strategic Event Management
  SLS Master in Peace, Conflict and Security Studies (Blanquerna-IEP)
  SLS Master in Global Inequalities and Social Transformation
  SLS Master in Global Communication, Leadership and Corporate Diplomacy
  SLS Master in Audiovisual Executive Production (Blanquerna-PROA)
  SLS Master in Digital Transformation of Marketing and Communication (Blanquerna-Havas Media Group)
  SLS UDS in Script and Realization of Comedy Programme for Radio and TV
  SLS UDS in Corporate Communication and Religion in the Digital Age
  SLS UDS in Communication and Marketing in Social Action
  SLS UDS in Data Journalism and Visualization
Blanquerna Faculty of
Health Sciences (FHS)
HSC Master in Health and Well-being of Women and Children
HSC Master in Assistive Leadership 2.0
  HSC Master in Orthopaedics
  HSC Master in Food Innovation
  HSC European Master in Athletic Training
  HSC UEC in Home Care for Patients in Complex Situations
  HSC UEC in Communication and Relationship with the Patient
  HSC UEC in Bioactive Components for Food Use
  HSC UEC in Nursing in Health and Well-Being of Women and Children
  HSC UEC in Prison Nursing Facility
  HSC UEC in Physiotherapy in Women's and Children's Health and Well-Being
  HSC UEC in Myofascial Therapies
  HSC UEC in Cardiorespiratory Physiotherapy
  HSC UEC in Nutrition and Culinary Skills
  HSC UEC in Advanced Clinical Nutrition
  HSC UEC in Oncology Physiotherapy
  HSC UEC in Nutrition, Sport and Cooking Techniques
  HSC UEC in Advanced Breastfeeding Management
La Salle School of Electronics
and Computer Engineering
E&A Master in Automation, Home Automation and Robotics
E&A Master in Cibersecurity
E&A Master in SAP Business Intelligence Consulting
E&A Master in SAP Functional Consulting
  E&A Master in eHealth: Information Technology and Healthcare Management
  E&A Master in App Design and Development
  E&A Master in Digital Marketing
  E&A Master in Agile Methods
  E&A Master in Smart Cities and Smart Grids Technologies
  E&A Master in the Technologies for Digital Transformation
  E&A Master in Big Data
  E&A Master in eCommerce
  E&A Master in Mobile Business
  E&A Master in Social Media Branding & Strategy
  E&A Master in Supply Chain Management and Technology
  E&A Master en UX User Experience
  E&A MBA. International Master in Business Management
  E&A Master in Advanced Videogame Development (taught entirely in English)
  E&A Master in Innovation Project Management in the Company
  E&A Master in Thought and Creativity for the Technological and Business World
  E&A Master in Information Technology Management
  E&A Master in Technology Consultancy ABAP SAP
  E&A Master in RDI Management
  E&A Master in Architectural and Environmental Acoustics
  E&A Master ADR: Robotics and Industrial and Home Automation
  E&A Master in Digital Entertainment Business Management
  E&A Master in Web Programming
  E&A Master in Software Architecture and Development
  E&A Master in 3D Art, Animation and Digital Effects
  E&A Master in Robotics for Humane Environments
  E&A Master in e-Business
  E&A Master in Project Management
  E&A Master in Business and Technology
  E&A Master in e-Learning
  E&A Master in International Business
  E&A PC in Architectural Acoustics
  E&A PC in Environmental Acoustics
  E&A PC in Brand Community Management
  E&A PC in eCommerce
  E&A PC in Digital Marketing
  E&A PC in Smart Grids
  E&A PC in Smart Cities
  E&A PC in Augmented Reality
  E&A PC in Agile Methods for Product Development
  E&A PC in Marketing & Innovation
  E&A UDS in Executive Program in Digital Transformation
  E&A UDS in Executive Programme in Project Management
  E&A  UDS in SAP Hana Financial Accounting
  E&A UDS in Horizon 2020 Project Management
  E&A UEC in Automation
  E&A UEC in Home Automation
  E&A UEC in Robotics
  E&A UEC in Management of Innovation
  E&A UEC in Project Management
  E&A UEC in IT Management
  E&A UEC in IT Services
  E&A UEC in Horizon 2020 Projects
  E&A UEC in Interaction
  E&A UEC in Transmedia Narrative
  E&A UEC in Animation
  E&A UEC in Introduction to SAP Finance and Logistics
  E&A UEC in Digital Transformation
La Salle School
of Architecture
E&A Master in BIM Management
E&A Master in Sustainable Architecture and Energy Efficiency
  E&A Advanced Master's Degree in Energy Efficiency in Buildings
  E&A Advanced Master's Degree in Environmental Architecture and Energy Efficiency
  E&A PC in Interior Architecture. Public and Private Spaces
  E&A PC in Interior Architecture. Private Spaces
  E&A PC in Environmental Architecture and Sustainable Urban Planning
  E&A PC in Energy Efficiency
  E&A PC in Analysis and Design Building Structures
  E&A PC in Urban Management
  E&A PC in Rehabilitation, Diagnosis and Intervention Technologies
  E&A PC in Architectural Restoration
  E&A PC in Analysis and Design Building Structures
  E&A PC in Development of Projects in Environmental Architecture and Sustainable Urbanism
  E&A PC in the Development of Energy Efficiency Projects in Building Construction
  E&A PC in Real Estate Valuation and Judicial Expertise
  E&A PC in Energy Management of Buildings
  E&A International Postgraduate Course in Architectural Projects
  E&A PC in One2one
  E&A UDS in BIM Management
  E&A UDS in BIM Production
Faculty of Philosophy A&H Master in Church History and Cultural Heritage
(taught with Facultad Antoni Gaudí)
  A&H UDS in Ecclesiastic Cultural Heritage Management
  A&H UEC in Accompaniment to the Nursing Process
ESADE Business School SLS Executive Master in Marketing and Sales
SLS Executive Master in Digital Business
SLS Executive Master in Operations and Innovation
SLS Executive Master in Finance
  SLS Corporate Master of Business Administration
  SLS Executive Master in Management
  SLS Executive Master in Public Administration
  SLS Executive Master in Healthcare Organizations Leadership
  SLS Executive Master in Global Sports Management
  SLS Executive Master in Business Analytics
  SLS Global Executive Master in Marketing and Sales
  SLS Global Executive Master of Business Administration
  SLS CEMS Master in International Management
  SLS UDS in Integral Healthcare Services
  SLS UDS in Digital Business
  SLS UDS in Marketing and Sales
  SLS UDS in Operations and Innovation
  SLS UDS in Management Development
  SLS UDS in Finance
  SLS UDS in Global Sports Management
  SLS Diploma Programme for Leadership Development
  SLS UEC in Financial Direction
  SLS UEC in Marketing in Sales. Business Management
  SLS UEC in Advanced Management
  SLS UEC in Leadership in Global Business
  SLS UEC in Management
  SLS UEC in Marketing Management
  SLS UEC in Innovation amb Marketing
  SLS UEC in Fundamentals of Finance
  SLS UEC in Financial Management and Management Control
ESADE Law School SLS Master in Intellectual Property and the Information Society
  SLS Master in Tax Consulting and Management
  SLS Master in International Business Law
  SLS Master in Labour Law and Human Resources
  SLS Master in International Business Law
  SLS Master in Corporate Compliance and Economic Criminal Law
  SLS Master in Administrative Economic Law
  SLS UDS in Global Legal Skills
  SLS UEC in Sport Law
  SLS UEC in Law 4.0
  SLS UEC in Pharma and Food Law
  SLS UEC in International Taxation
Pere Tarrés Faculty
f Social Education and
Social Work (FSESW)
SLS Master in Counselling
SLS Master in Development, Cooperation and Community Action 
(jointly with Blanquerna FHS)
  SLS Master in Prevention and Treatment of Drug Addiction
  SLS UDS in Counselling
  SLS UDS in Social-Educative Intervention with Childhood and Adolescence
  SLS UDS in Career Orientation and Entry to Work
  SLS UDS in Development and Cooperation
  SLS UDS in Global Challenges, Development and Humanitarian Action
  SLS UEC in Ethics Applied to Social and Psychoeducational Action
  SLS UEC on Strategic Management of Non-profit Organisations
  SLS UEC in Direction and Management of HR in Non-profit Organisations
  SLS UEC in Innovative Strategies of Intervention with Children and Adolescents
  SLS UEC in Intervention in Social and Educational Contexts in Childhood and Adolescence
  SLS UEC in Intervention in the Field of Labour Market
  SLS  UEC in Career Orientation and Entry to Work
  SLS UEC in Neuro-linguistic Programming and Mindfulness in a Social and Educational Context
  SLS UEC in Management of Homes and other Resources for the Elderly
  SLS UEC in Development Cooperation and Global Transformation: Actors, Agendas, Project Management and New Technologies
  SLS UEC in Development and Humanitarian Action: Gende, Minorities and Migrations
  SLS UEC in Glogal Challenges: Geopolitics, Inequalities, Environment, Human Rights and Cultural Diversity
  SLS UEC in Children and Young Migrants who arrive alone (MENA): Strategies and Tools for Social Inclusion
  SLS UEC in Childhood, Family and Territory: Tools for Socio-Educational Accompaniment
School of Tourism and
Hospitality Management
Sant Ignasi
SLS Master in Hotel Business Management
SLS Master Programm in Events Management and Business Tourism
  SLS UEC in Hotel Revenue Management
  SLS UEC in Hotel Business Management
  SLS UEC in Hotel Operations Management
  SLS UEC in Digital Marketing for Tourism and Hospitality
  SLS UEC in Leadership through Hospitality
  SLS UEC in Advanced Hotel Revenue Management
  SLS UEC in Advanced Hotel Revenue Management
Vidal i Barraquer University
Institute of Mental Health
HSC Master in Psychoanalytic Therapy
HSC Master in Transcultural Spirituality
HSC Master in Family Therapy (jointly with Blanquerna FPESS)
  HSC UEC in Brief Psychotherapy
  HSC UEC in Spiritual Accompaniment
  HSC UEC on Spirituality, Psychopathology and Mental Health
Borja Institute of
Bioethics (BIB)
HSC UEC in Clinical Bioethics
SLS UEC in Applied Ethics in Social and Psychoeducational Intervention
(jointly with Pere Tarrés FSESW)
  HSC UEC in Biomedical Research Ethics
ESDi Higher School of
Design (affiliated centre)
A&H Bachelor in Digital Humanities
A&H Bachelor in Smart Design
  A&H Master in Management of Fashion and Design Industry
  A&H Master in Consultancy in Styling, Image and Communication
  A&H Master in UI/UX - Interface Design and User Experience
  A&H PC in Handbag Design
  A&H PC in Footwear Design
  A&H PC in Jewelry Design
  A&H PC in Fashion Management: Product Management-Design-Fashion Styling
  A&H PC in Communication, Marketing and Fashion Promotion
  A&H PC in Swimwear, Underwear and Home/Activewear Design


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