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Arts and Humanities
Health Sciences
Social and Legal Sciences
Engineering and Architecture

IQS School of Engineering SCI Science in Analytical Chemistry
(30% taught in English)
  SCI Pharmaceutical Chemistry
(taught entirely in English)
  SCI Science in Materials Science and Engineering
(30% taught in English)
  SCI Science in Bioengineering 
(50% taught in English)
  E&A Science in Chemical Engineering 
(30% taught in English)
  E&A Science in Industrial Engineering
(30% taught in English)
(specialities: mechanical technology, electrical technology, chemical technology, materials technology, energy technology and company management)
    Combined studies:
IQS School of Management SLS Science in Global Entreprenurial Management
(taught entirely in English, together with the University of San Francisco and Fu Jen Catholic University in Taipei)
  SLS Science in International Marketing in a Digital Environment
(taught entirely in English)
  SLS Industrial Business Management
(taught in Spanish or entirely in English)
  SLS Science in Auditing and Management 
  SLS Science in Wealth and Financial Management
Blanquerna Faculty of
Psychology, Education
Sciences and Sport (FPESS)
HSC General Healthcare Psychology
(in collaboration with VBUIMH)
HSC Sports Training, Physical Activity and Health
  SLS Communication and Language Disorders 
(UAB and URL. Coordinated by: UAB)
  SLS Psychology of Education
(UB, UAB, UdG, UdL, URL and URV. Coordinated by: UB)
  SLS Psychology of Work, Organization and Human Resources
  SLS Attending to Diversity and Inclusive Education
  SLS Training Teachers for Secondary and Sixth-form Teaching, Vocational Training and Language Teaching
(in collaboration with La Salle SECE)
  SLS Educational Innovation and Educational Leadership
  SLS Psychopedagogy
  SLS Teaching and Learning English in Early Childhood and Primary School
  SLS Sports Management

Blanquerna School of
Communication and
International Relations

SLS Film and Television Fiction. Production, Script and Realization
SLS Advanced Journalism (Blanquerna - Grupo Godó)
SLS Advertising Strategy and Creativity
  SLS Political and Social Communication
  SLS Art Direction in Advertising
  SLS Cultural Communication and Production
  SLS Advanced Studies in International Affairs (taught entirely in English)
Blanquerna Faculty
of Health Sciences
HSC Therapeutic Physical Activity for the Cronically ill, the Older People or the Disabled
  HSC Team Sports Physiotherapy
  HSC Child Physiotherapy
  HSC Neurophysiotherapy
La Salle School of Electronics and
Computer Engineering (SECE)
E&A Animation and Visual Effects
E&A Big Data
E&A Telecommunication Engineering
  E&A Science in IT Management
  E&A Master in High Performance Web Programming
  E&A Master in Science of Data
  SLS International Business Administration and Innovation Technology Management (MBA) 
(blended learning) (bilingual English-Spanish)
  SLS Science in Project Management
(presential) (taught entirely in English)
  SLS Training Teachers for Secondary and Upper Secondary School, Vocational Training Courses and Language Teaching (in collaboration with FPESS Blanquerna)
La Salle School of Architecture E&A Architecture
  E&A Integrated Architectural Design
(presential) (taught entirely in English)
  E&A Management Integral Construction
Faculty of Philosophy A&H Research in Philosophy and Humanistic Studies
ESADE Business School SLS International Management  
(taught entirely in English)
  SLS Finance  
(taught entirely in English)
  SLS Marketing Management 
(taught entirely in English)
  SLS Business Administration (MBA)
(taught entirely in English)
  SLS Innovation and Entrepreneurship
(taught entirely in English)
  SLS Research in Management Sciences
(taught entirely in English)
  SLS Global Strategic Management
(taught entirely in English)
  SLS Science in Business Analytics
(taught entirely in English)
  SLS Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA)
(taught entirely in English or in Spanish with some subjects in English)
ESADE Law School SLS Legal Practice
Pere Tarrés Faculty of Social
Education and Social Work
SLS Organisation, Management and Involvement in Social Services
SLS Social Action and Educational Models and Strategies in Childhood and Adolescence
School of Tourism and Hospitality
Management Sant Ignasi
SLS Master in Hotel Management
(taught entirely in English)
Vidal i Barraquer University Institute
of Mental Health (VBUIMH)
HSC General Healthcare Psychology
(in collaboration with Blanquerna FPESS)
Borja Institute of Bioethics HSC Bioethics (biennial)
ESDi Higher School of Design
(affiliated centre)
A&H Digital Art Curatorship

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