Career services and job banks

All Universitat Ramon Llull centres offer career services and job banks for their students and alumni, providing them all the information, guidance and advice they need while at university and upon completing their programmes. These services provide broad and specialised support both before and after the job insertion process and they organise different activities to provide participants with the right resources to find the most appropriate job for their field of study:

  • Provide students/alumni with job offers suited to their educational profile.
  • Provide them the resources and strategies to find work in different areas of specific knowledge.
  • Guide them in preparing their CVs and introductory letters and provide them with strategies to successfully carry out job interviews and employee selection processes.
  • Organise workshops and informational sessions on job insertion and professional promotion.
  • Encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and provide support to innovative initiatives.
  • Offer educational programmes for students and alumni aimed at their job insertion, professional advancement and decision-making skills.
  • Inform them about the different job-hunting channels available (Internet, civil service entrance exams, press, temporary employment agencies, headhunters, local work agencies, professional colleges, etc.).
  • Foment professional intermediation services between the university itself and companies.

For further information about the specific career services and job banks the different URL centres offer, click on the following links:







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Marquès de Comillas, 81-83
08202 Sabadell
Tel. (34) 937 274 819



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