Structure and functioning

Universitat Ramon Llull, was created as a private foundation and has a federated structure governed by the following bodies:

Board of Trustees


The Universitat Ramon Llull Fundació is the URL’s maximum governing body in all areas, including strictly non-academic ones. The Foundation exercises its authority through the Board of Trustees. The latter consists of representatives from the different institutions which make up URL and other members representing civil society. The Board’s primary tasks include defining the university’s strategy and lines of governance, naming the Rector and his/her team, approving the URL’s Statutes, deciding on the creation of new centres, and assuming the function of University Social Council.



The Rector is the university’s senior academic authority, responsible for its management and representation, in general. At the same time, the Rector presides the academic collegiate bodies, the Academic Council and the Management Board. The Rector also proposes the Deputy Rectors and the university’s Secretary General. The latter two are finally named by the Board of Trustees, the body which supports the Rector in managing the university.

Executive Council


This body serves to coordinate the university’s different federated institutions. It consists of the Board of Trustees President, the Rector, the Directors or General Directors of the federated institutions, the Deputy Rectors and the Secretary General. Its primary functions, amongst others, are to: propose the university’s general strategic principles, inform about budgets, inform about or propose the creation of new centres, and plan the structure and development of university programmes, research activities and knowledge transferals.

Academic Council


This is the collegiate body which supports the Rector in governing and managing the university. It consists of the Rector, the Deputy Rectors, the Secretary General, the Directors or Deans of the different schools, a representative from each of the different university research institutes, university delegates from the federated centres, and the Manager (the latter can participate though not vote). The Academic Council meets monthly to prepare the different topics to be addressed by the Management Board, prepare general orientation guidelines regarding academic fees, inform about the creation of new centres, and coordinate academic activities and common services between the different URL centres.

Management Board


This is the senior collegiate governing body for academic questions. It consists of the Rector, Deputy Rectors, the Secretary General, the Directors or Deans of the different schools, a professor designated by each centre, the Directors of the university research institutes, between three and six graduate and postgraduate students, a representative from the PAS personnel and administrative staff, and by university delegates from the federated centres. The Management Board generally meets once a semester and, extraordinarily, whenever convened by the Rector or half of its members. The Management Board’s responsibilities include informing about the creation or elimination of schools or institutes, the incorporation of other centres into URL, the approval of study plans and, lastly, advising and providing guidance on the university’s basic academic development.

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