Gold medals

Cardenal Narcís Jubany i Arnau

1. Cardinal Narcís Jubany i Arnau ()

Awarded: October, 1st 1997

Born in Santa Coloma de Farners (Girona) in 1913 and dying in Barcelona in 1996, he was both Bishop and Cardinal. He studied at the Seminari Conciliar de Barcelona seminary where he was ordained in 1939. He would later receive a PhD in Theology from Universidad Pontificia de Comillas and in Canonical Law from Pontificia Università Gregoriana in Rome. He later served as Professor of Theology at the Seminary, as well as serving as an official of Barcelona Bishopric’s Catholic Action and Barcelona Cathedral canon (1954). He participated in the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). In 1955 he was named Head Bishop of Ortosia di Fenicia, Auxiliary Bishop of Barcelona in 1964, Bishop of Girona in 1964 and Archbishop of Barcelona in 1971. In 1973 he was ordained Cardinal and participated in the two conclaves of 1978. In 1981, Pope John Paul II named him a Member of the “Council of Cardinals to study the economic and organisational problems of the Holy See.” In 1990 he resigned as Archbishop of Barcelona due to his age. However, he had encouraged the creation of Universitat Ramon Llull since 1988 and served as its first President (1990-1994) and as URL’s Honorary President until his death in 1996. Amongst other works, he published, “The vote of chastity in sacred ordination” (1952), one of his PhD theses, and "The deaconship and ecclesiastic celibacy " (1964). In 1992 a collection of his work was published in his honour.

Pare Ferrer Pi

2. Dr. Pere Ferrer Pi, S.J. ()

Awarded: September, 29th 1999

Dr. Ferrer was born in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona) in 1918 and died in Sant Cugat del Vallès in 2007. He was a Jesuit who earned his undergraduate degree in Chemical Sciences at Universitat de Barcelona, and studied Humanities at Veruela (Zaragoza). He would earn another undergraduate degree in Ecclesiastic Philosophy in Barcelona (1947), a PhD in Sciences from Universidad de Madrid (1950) and another undergraduate degree in Theology in Dublin (1954). He was named Director of the Sarrià Chemical Institute (IQS) in 1957, serving years later as President of its Board of Trustees (1986-1998). He also served as Rector of Universidad de Deusto (Bilbao) from 1971-1975, Father Provincial for the Society of Jesus in Spain (1975-1981), Father Provincial for Tarragona (1984-1988) and Rector of the Borja Centre (Sant Cugat del Vallès). From 1989 on he dedicated a good part of his work to the foundation of Universitat Ramon Llull, serving as URL Vice President for 8 years. He was also a Member of the National Commission of Residence Halls, Vice President of the Industrial Chemistry Society, National Council for Education, IFCU (International Federation of Catholic Universities), CER (Conference of European Rectors), and IAU (International Association of Universities). He was also awarded the Key to the City of Barcelona and the Father Eduardo Vitoria Medal.

Enric Coromines

3. Mr. Enric Corominas Vila

Awarded: November, 14th 2001

He was born in Barcelona in 1936 and earned an undergraduate degree in Economics in Barcelona. He has worked as an entrepreneur and executive in a wide variety of industries. He served as President of the Círculo de Economía and as President of its foundation. He was also President of the Control Commission within the la Caixa d'Estalvis i Pensions de Barcelona (“la Caixa”) bank, Member of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation’s Labour and Advisory Boards, and Member of many companies’ and institutions’ Management Boards. He has always been linked to nautical sports, serving as President of the Catalan Swimming Federation and Vice President of the Spanish Swimming Federation. He currently serves as President of Barcelona’s Royal Nautical Club. He was as Member of the Universitat Ramon Llull Board of Trustees (1994-2001) and was one of the primary promoters of URL’s Rector’s Office and Board of Trustees.

Miquel Gassiot

4. Dr. Miquel Gassiot Matas

Awarded: October, 6th 2003

Dr. Gassiot Matas, a Chemist, was born in Barcelona in 1937. He completed his baccalaureate studies in Girona and earned a degree in Chemical Engineering from Sarrià Chemical Institute (IQS). He later obtained another undergraduate degree in Chemical Sciences from Universitat de Barcelona and a PhD from Universidad de Madrid. He taught Analytical Chemistry for more than 40 years at IQS where he also served as its Director (1985-1994) and today as Professor Emeritus. He served as URL Rector from 1994 to 2002. He has been a Member of the Barcelona Royal Academy of Arts and Science since 2003. He has published more than one-hundred articles on chromatography and its applications in the organic analysis field. In 1973 he was granted the Research Award from the Fundación Vicente de Mendieta y Lambarri de Delica Arrastaria (Álava, Spain). In 1978 he received the Tswuett Medal from the Soviet Union’s Chromatography Committee. In 1985 he received the Hewlett-Packard Spain Award for “Liquid Chromatography.” In 1993 he was awarded the Narcís Monturiol Medal for Scientific and Technological Merit by the Government of Catalonia and then the Jaume Vicens Vives Distinction in 2008 from the regional government for the quality of his teaching. He also served as President of the European Federation of Catholic Universities (FUCE).

Josep Maria Coll

5. Dr. Josep Maria Coll i Alemany, S.J. ()

Awarded: October, 6th 2003

Born in Barcelona in 1934, this philosopher and priest earned a degree in Psychology from Universitat Complutense de Madrid (1964), Theology from the University of Innsbruck (1966) and a PhD in Philosophy from Universitat de Barcelona (1988). He has been a member of the Society of Jesus since 1953 and was ordained in 1965. He is one of the most distinguished personalist Catalan thinkers, serving today as Professor Emeritus at Universitat Ramon Llull. At URL he has taught classes such as Metaphysics, Personalist Anthropology, Philosophical Statutes and methodologies, as well as numerous courses at the PhD level. He is also a Professor at the Theology School of Catalonia (Institut de Teologia Fonamental in Sant Cugat del Vallès). He presided over the first team at the URL Rector’s Office (1991-1994) and served as Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy (1989-1998). Dr. Coll was also President of the Miquel Coll i Alentorn Institute of Humanist Studies (1996-2007) and currently presides its Advisory Council. He is also a Member of the Catalan Society of Philosophy (Institut d'Estudis Catalans), the Instituto Internazionale Jacques Maritain in Rome and the Advisory Council for the Fundació Joan Maragall, Cristianisme i Cultura.

Ricard Fornesa

6. Dr. Ricard Fornesa Ribó ()

Awarded: September, 30th 2004

Dr. Fornesa i Ribó was born in 1931 and dying in Barcelona in 2014. He was an attorney and a business manager. In 1948 he earned his degree in Law at the Universitat de Barcelona and in Business Administration from the Escola Superior de Comerç de Barcelona. He served as Public Prosecutor from 1957 to 1975. In 1977 he was named the Secretary General and Senior Legal Representative of la Caixa d'Estalvis i Mont de Pietat de Barcelona (“la Caixa” bank) and, in 1979 was elected Executive President of Societat General d'Aigües de Barcelona, a post he held until 2006. In 1990 he was also named Executive Deputy General Director of  “la Caixa” and President in 2003, a post he abandoned in 2008 to assume the Presidency of Criteria Caixa Corp. Between 2003 and 2005 he was also President of the real estate firm, Immobiliària Colonial. He was also President of “la Caixa” Foundation and the Catalan Federation of Savings Banks until June 2007. He was President of the URL Board of Trustees from 2001 to 2004, member of the Board from 2001 to 2013 and member of the URL Committee of Honour from 2013. He was also a Member of the Royal Academy of Economic and Financial Sciences and the Círculo de Economía association. He has received numerous distinctions, including the Gold Medal from the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce, the Gold Medal from the Ordre National du Mérite (France) and the Saint George’s Cross (Government of Catalonia). He was also a Member of the Board of Trustees of various cultural organisations, including Fundación Carolina, Fundació MACBA and Fundación Albéniz.

Josep Gallifa

7. Dr. Josep Gallifa Roca

Awarded: September, 27th 2006

He was born in Moià in 1960. He lives in Barcelona, is married and has two children. He holds an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and an undergraduate degree and PhD in Philosophy and Education Sciences from UB.  He is currently the Dean of the URL’s Blanquerna Faculty of Psychology, Education Sciences and Sport, where he is also professor of Psychology and Education and head of the Department of Psychology and principal investigator of the "Psychology Research group, person and context", with 62 researchers. He had different responsibilities and positions between 1988 and the present, among which are: Head of Studies and Director of the Blanquerna Teachers’ College, first Dean of the Faculty of Psychology and Pedagogy Blanquerna and first Secretary General and Academic Vice-Rector for URL, serving as adjunct to the rector on several occasions. He has also worked as professor or visiting researcher at several universities in the US:  Ohio University, Case-Western-Reserve University and Columbia University. He also carries out research in the areas of Learning and Human Thought and in higher education, expressed in more than 50 articles in scientific journals, more than 70 books or book chapters, in addition to numerous scientific papers and other publications. He has directed more than twenty PhD theses and it is part of various scientific committees and editorial boards. He has won several awards such as the Gold Medal of the University Ramon Llull and the distinction as the "First Degree" of Blanquerna. He has received numerous distinctions as the Gold Medal of the URL and the distinction as the "First Degree" of Blanquerna. In 1998 he obtained the Eisenhower Foundation Fellow of the Eisenhower Fellowships in Philadelphia.

Ricardo Lagos

8. Dr. Ricardo Lagos Escobar

Awarded: October, 24th 2006

Dr. Lagos was born in Santiago (Chile) in 1938 and holds an undergraduate degree in Law from Universidad de Chile and a PhD in Economics from Duke University (North Carolina, US). He has served as Professor at the Universidad de Chile, Visiting Professor at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, Former William R. Kenan Chair for Latin American Studies, Director of UNC’s School of Political and Administrative Science,  Director of the Economics Institute and Secretary General of said university, and as Secretary General of the Facultad Latinoamericana de Ciencias Sociales. During the 1980s he played a key role in the fight to reinstate democracy in Chile. From 1990 to 1992, after the return to democracy, he was named Minister of Education. He encouraged an important reform during his term, focusing primarily on creating equal opportunities to access education while raising the latter’s quality. Between 1994 and 1998, during the Second Concentration Government, he was named Minister of Public Works. In 2000 he became President of Chile, leaving his unique mark on how this role should be fulfilled: Work in the field, proximity to the country’s people and an open-door policy. He served as President until 2006. He has published an extensive variety of work throughout his career.

Joan Ros Petit

9. Mr. Joan Ros Petit ()

Awarded: May, 10th 2011

Born in Barcelona in 1927, Joan Ros Petit was an influential merchant, economist and chartered accountant. He began his professional activity in 1946. Until now, he was a member of the company bearing his name and President of Uniaudit JRP, as well as of other business institutions. He was a member of the Fundació de Gestió Sanitària de l’Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau Board of Trustees, as well as other healthcare institutions. He was strongly committed to civil society. As a founding Trustee of Universitat Ramon Llull, he has always demonstrated his generosity and availability to collaborate with the university. Among the distinctions he has received, we can highlight the title of Knight of the Order of St. Gregory the Great, awarded by the Holy Father Benedict XVI in 2007 and the Gold Medal of the URL, awarded on 10 May 2011 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the recognition of our University.

Josep Joan Pintó Ruiz

10. Dr. Josep Joan Pintó Ruiz

Awarded: May, 10th 2011

Born in Barcelona, he received an undergraduate degree in Law with honours from Universitat de Barcelona in 1949. He earned his PhD in Law in 1959. Currently, he serves as a Numerary Member of the Royal Academy of Jurisprudence and Legislation, the Royal Academy of Economic and Financial Sciences and the Royal Academy of Doctors, amongst others. He has been distinguished with the Saint Raymond of Penyafort Cross of Honour and the Saint George’s Cross from the Government of Catalonia. He is an extraordinarily friendly person who also transmits his overwhelming legal knowledge while being a wonderful professor. So much so, that he once taught a master class on Catalan Civil Law to King Juan Carlos I.

Carlos Cuatrecasas Targa

11. Mr. Carlos Cuatrecasas Targa

Awarded: May, 10th 2011

Though born in Barcelona, he has close family and professional ties with several Latin American countries, especially Puerto Rico and Mexico, providing him a broad and open cultural view. He studied Law at Universitat de Barcelona where he received honours. This man of action, great sensitivity and exquisite education has shared his professional knowledge at ESADE for many years. Committed and enterprising from civil society, he has served as President of Barcelona’s Círculo de Economía from 1975 to 1978, Co-Founder of Centre Català in 1979 and President of Cercle del Liceu from 1992 to 2000. He was a Founding Member of Universitat Ramon Llull, and currently serves as President of the Fundació Cercle d’Economia Board of Trustees and as a Member of the URL Board of Trustees since its foundation.

Dr. Lluís  Magriñá

12. Dr. Lluís Magriñá Veciana

Awarded: May, 10th 2011

He holds an undergraduate degree in Theology from Barcelona and in Comparative Education for the University of Chicago. He has been the Society of Jesus’ Father Provincial for Catalonia since 2008, and he is a clear example of Saint Ignatius of Loyola’s “in all things to serve and love.” For four years he served as Delegate for Education in Catalonia and launched the Jesuïtes Educació Foundation. He is a person of ample perspectives, with initiative, creativity and the ability to listen. His service vocation was born in 1969 on a trip to Tunisia, leading him to dedicate himself entirely to humanitarian aid and development cooperation. After spending five years in Chad, he founded and led the NGO, Intermón-Oxfam, for fourteen years.

Dr. Josep Martí i Roca

13. Dr. Josep Martí i Roca

Awarded: May, 10th 2011

Dr. Martí i Roca was born in Tarragona and earned an undergraduate degree in Physics from Universitat de Barcelona, a teaching certificate from the same university, a degree in Religious Sciences from the Instituto San Pío X (Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca) and a PhD from Universitat de València. He currently serves as Professor at Universitat Ramon Llull where he also carried out remarkable work as the first Vice-Rector for Research and Technology Transferal. He also served as President of the Acoustic and Electro-acoustic Control Committee of the Barcelona Olympic Games (1992) and Director of the URL – La Salle Department  of Acoustics and Programme Director. He has served as Senior Researcher for numerous projects in the science and technology areas and has directed numerous PhD theses and technology transferral projects. He is affable and easy to approach, and knows how to encourage and motivate a vocation for research amongst his students. From 2002 to 2010 he served as Father Provincial for La Salle in Catalonia.

Dr. Salvador Pié Ninot

14. Dr. Salvador Pié Ninot

Awarded: May, 10th 2011

This Barcelona native has spent his life between Barcelona and Rome. He was ordained in 1964 and earned a PhD in Theology from Pontificia Università Gregoriana in Roma. He is caring and easy to approach and has an open and receptive mind. His in-depth teaching career has taken place as Professor of Fundamental Theology and Ecclesiology at the Facultat de Teologia de Catalunya and at Pontificia Università Gregoriana. He has served as President of Fundació Blanquerna since 1981 and is a Founding Member of Universitat Ramon Llull, for which he has served as its Secretary since its foundation. He is the Co-Founder and General Council for MUEC (Christian University Student Movement), served as President of Religious Services during the Barcelona Olympic Games, Member of the Scientific Committee in the Congress on the Second Vatican Council (1995-2000) and an expert named by the Pope in the Bishop Synod on “The word of God in life and the mission of the Church” (2008).

Cardenal Lluís Martínez Sistach

15. Cardinal Lluís Martínez Sistach

Awarded: May, 10th 2011

He holds a PhD in Civil and Canonical Law and is considered a brilliant and rigorous legal expert with an eye for even the smallest detail. He was ordained in 1961, a moment which would represent the beginning of a long career dedicated to the Catholic Church, culminating in 2007 when Pope Benedict XVI named him Cardinal. Previously, as Auxiliary Bishop of Barcelona, he worked closely with then Cardinal Narcís Jubany. Currently the Archbishop of Barcelona, he has maintained his commitment to the Barcelona Diocese and the university. The Barcelona Diocese’s commitment to universities has a long history: In the 20th and 21st century this commitment has been maintained through, amongst others, Fundació Blanquerna, Fundació Pere Tarrés and the Faculty of Philosophy, all of which are institutions within Universitat Ramon Llull. Cardinal Martínez Sistach has also played a key role as Judge in the Third Ecclesiastic Court of Barcelona and Vicar General of Barcelona.

Dra. Esther Giménez-Salinas i Colomer

16. Dr. Esther Gimenéz-Salinas

Awarded: October, 10th 2013

Biographical profile in Catalan and Spanish.


Sr. Leopoldo Rodés Castañé

17. Mr. Leopoldo Rodés Castañé ()

Awarded: October, 10th 2013

Biographical profile in Catalan and Spanish.


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