Loan service


To request an interlibrary loan for any work not available within any URL library catalogue, interested parties should consult with their centre’s library directly.



To request a loan or photocopy of any text within URL’s libraries, interested parties should contact the library containing said document directly based on the information that appears in our catalogue. All the libraries apply the corresponding service fees established by the Spanish University Library Network (Red de Bibliotecas Universitarias Españolas, REBIUN). For further information, write to:



Via Augusta, 390. 08017 Barcelona
Tel. (34) 932 672 005 |


Tel. (34) 932 533 030 |
Blanquerna Faculty of Psychology, Education Sciences and Sport · Císter, 34. 08022 Barcelona
Blanquerna Faculty of Health Sciences · Padilla, 326-332. 08025 Barcelona
Blanquerna Faculty of Communication and International Relations · Plaça Joan Coromines. 08001 Barcelona


La Salle School of Engineering and Architecture 
Quatre Camins, 30, planta 1. 08022 Barcelona
Tel. (34) 932 902 400 (ext. 232) |


Barcelona Seminary Episcopal Public Library 
Diputació, 231. 08007 Barcelona
Tel. (34) 934 541 607 |


ESADE Borja Library

Tel. (34) 932 806 162 (ext. 4018) |
Barcelona Campus: Marquès de Mulhacén, 40-42. 08034 Barcelona
Sant Cugat Campus: Avinguda de la Torre Blanca, 59. 08172 Sant Cugat del Vallès


School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi
Marquès de Mulhacén, 40-42, 2a planta. 08034 Barcelona
Tel. (34) 93 252 28 90 |


Pere Tarrés Faculty of Social Education and Scoial Work 
Santaló, 37. 08021 Barcelona
Tel. (34) 934 152 551 |


Ebro Observatory University Institute
Horta Alta, 38. 43250 Roquetes (Tarragona)
Tel. (34) 977 500 511 |


Vidal i Barraquer University Institute of Mental Health 
Sant Gervasi de Cassoles, 88-90 08022 Barcelona
Tel. (34) 934 340 001 |


Borja Institute of Bioethics 
Santa Rosa, 39-57, 3a planta. 08950 Esplugues de Llobregat (Barcelona)
Sant Joan de Déu Building
Tel. (34) 936 006 106 (ext. 4372) |


Montserrat Monastery Library
E 08199 – Montserrat (Barcelona)
Tel. (34) 938 777 777 (ext. 1750) |


Service scope and operation

  • The library loan service allows URL students, faculty and PAS administrative and service staff to check-out items from any URL library for a limited period of time.
  • Both ESDI (affiliated centre) users and library are excluded from this service.
  • Some documents within the different libraries are restricted to users from those same centres. Those documents are differentiated in the catalogue as Només xxx (“Only xxx”) in the Tipus de préstec (Type of loan) field where “xxx” is the specific centre’s acronym, for example, “Només IQS”, “Només ESADE”, etc.
  • The documents identified in the catalogue as excluded from loans can only be consulted in the respective library’s reading room.
  • For those interested in requesting a loan of a book from a library other than their own centre’s library, they can go directly to the library where the document is located or request that we deliver it to their library through the internal messenger service. Delivery can take between 3 to 8 days.

Number of documents that can be checked out by type of user


Monographs (books)


Maximum number

Loan period

Undergraduate and postgraduate students


15 days

PhD candidates


30 days



60 days

PAS staff and academic assistants


30 days

Other types of documents (the loan period is the same as that for books and type of user)
Maximum number

Documents with limited loan period (2 days)


Videos/DVDs or psychological tests (*)


CDs/CD-ROMs or textbooks


(*) The loan of psychological tests is for 7 days




Users are entitled to renew their loans a maximum of 4 times so long as the text in question has not been reserved by another user. Users can renew their loans through the option El meu compte (My account) via the catalogue ( or through the library loan desk, by telephone or e-mail.


Sanction for overdue items


For each day’s delay in returning the loaned item, users will be sanctioned with one day for each loan, without being able to use the loan service.

Ramon Llull University
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F. (34) 936 022 249 |
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