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The University Debate League is an annual competition organised by the Xarxa Vives network. Its aim is to encourage the use of the spoken word amongst students through dialectical confrontation. Different teams have to defend a position in favour of our against a proposed topic.

Students participate in teams with a maximum of five members, represented by a single captain or spokesperson. In each debate, the jury evaluates teamwork, the solidity of the arguments presented, presentation fluidity, and correct and proper diction. The winning team earns a prize of €2,500, and the second-place team, €1,200. There are also awards for the best speaker (determined by the jury) and for the best team (chosen by the audience).

Ramon Llull University has participated from the outset, since this competition’s foundation, and has won on three occasions (in 20052011 and 2014) and has been runner-up once (in 2018 and 2019). It has also won the prize for best speaker four times:

  • Jordi Graupera, Philosophy student, 2005 (+info
  • Xavier Albalate, Law student, 2008 (+info)
  • Gemma Lligadas, Law student, 2011 (+info)
  • Blanca Vives Álvarez, Law student, 2013 (+info)

If you’d like to take part in the Debate League, contact Maite Sala (tel. 93 602 22 27 |

More information about 2019 University Debate League

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