URL ID card

Universitat Ramon Llull offers a multifunction university ID card created in collaboration with Banco Santander that it serves as a personal ID for students, faculty and administrative and service staff.

How can you use it?

  1. University accreditation
  2. Access campus facilities (libraries, dining halls, etc.)
  3. Check out books from URL libraries and from CSUC libraries
  4. PC and printer access in computer rooms
  5. Information point consultations 
  6. Electronic wallet
  7. Discounts in stores, restaurants, services, etc

More information

At point open to all URL students that is located at:

Ramon Llull University
Claravall 1-3. 08022 Barcelona
T. (34) 902 053 010 | (34) 936 022 200
F. (34) 936 022 249 | info@url.edu
NIF G-59069740

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