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About us

ETHOS Chair, born in 2001 and lead by Dr. Francesc Torralba, is the chair on applied ethics of Ramon Llull University in Barcelona. Our university is a federation that includes IQS, Blanquerna, La Salle, the faculty of Philosophy, ESADE, the faculty of Social Education and Social Work Pere Tarés, TSI Tourism Sant Ignasi, the Ebro Observatory and the Borja Institute of Bioethics, all of which are leading centers in their specialty.

The chair supports and gives advice on applied ethics to all the research groups at our university. At the same time, we carry out projects of ethical consulting for companies such as Football Club Barcelona Foundation, AGBAR, Asepeyo, Banc de Sabadell, Media Planning Group, Inmobiliaria Colonial, Repsol YPF, Telefónica, Damm Foundation and for public institutions such as the Council of Barcelona and the Department of Economy and Finances of the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Our projects concern the following issues:

  • Organizational ethics
  • Professional ethics
  • Bioethics
  • Mass media ethics
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Educational strategies for the divulgation of ethics

On the other hand, thanks to its extended experience on the development of studies and performances which concern applied ethics, the Ethos Chair also does scientific and academic research. We put particular emphasis on placing our research on the problems of nowadays society within a rigorous academic frame.

The researchers who work on the Ethos Chair belong to a wide range of fields -business, philosophy, journalism, communication, tourism- and we look forward to incorporating several other ones soon. The raison d’être of this diversity is not only the fact that applied ethics must, by definition, be transversal, but also our commitment to interdisciplinary research.

Our lines of research are:

-Refection and critical revision of the current theoretical trends in order to find a way to apply them in our context

-Reconsideration of the status of applied ethics and their relevance nowadays

-Corporative Social Responsibility: foundation, case review, fields of action

-Theory of organizations: how to manage organizations and its resources. Ethics and emotions.

-Communication, new technologies, and ethics. Professional ethics of media.

-Advertising, tourism and economy: ethical and professional implications.


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