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  1. The Mission of our University, as defined in its ideology, is achieved through teaching, research and knowledge transfer, specifically:

    a) Teaching in a critical and creative way, according to the specific methods and requirements of university education in the context of the internationalisation of studies.
    b) Training university students in a profound ethical sense of the profession, in a spirit of solidarity and service for a fairer society.
    c) Attending to the continuing training of professionals, according to their principles and orientations.
    d) Within the scope of knowledge that it covers, cultivating free and high-quality scientific and technical research to the benefit of society and in dialogue with the various disciplines.
    e) Transferring research results through the dissemination, enhancement and transfer of knowledge.
    f) Contributing, from its own culture, to dialogue, understanding and exchange between different cultures and among the people who carry these cultures, regardless of their origin or condition, and promoting equal opportunities.

  2. The University is founded on the recognition of academic freedom, which encompasses teaching, research and study freedom, inspired by and fully consistent with the founding ideology.
  3. Catalan is the own language of the Ramon Llull University. Catalan and Spanish, both of which have been declared as official languages in Catalonia by the Spanish Constitution and the Statute of Autonomy, are used. The right of all members of the university community to use these two languages shall be respected. English shall be promoted as a third language.

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