Gender Equality Comission

The Gender Equality Commission consists of a representative from each centre incorporated within Universitat Ramon Llull. Its aim is to make equal opportunities a reality for men and women at the university.

The commission’s functions are as follows:

  • Participate in preparing the Equal Opportunity Plan (2017-2019) and following-up on its measures and actions.
  • Serve as a link to share information between the different centres.
  • Forward the different centres’ proposals, requests, doubts and suggestions to the Observatory for Equal Opportunities.

Currently, the commission’s members include:

  • Carlo Maria Gallucci, Vice-Rector for International Relations and Students
  • Amadeu Ripoll, IQS
  • Eusebio Monleón, Blanquerna
  • Sònia Luengo, La Salle 
  • Sílvia Coll-Vinent, Faculty of Philosophy
  • Enrique López, ESADE
  • Bárbara Claur Lamarca, Pere Tarrés Faculty of Social Education and Social Work
  • Jorge Peralta, School of Tourism and Hospitality Management Sant Ignasi HTSI
  • David Altadill, Ebro Observatory University Institute
  • Víctor Cabré, Vidal i Barraquer University Institute of Mental Health
  • Margarita Bofarull, Borja Institute of Bioethics
  • Antoni Mañach, ESDi (affiliated center)
  • Àngels Cabau, Rector's Office


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