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The Ramon Llull University Technology Transfer Office (TTO) depends on the Research and Innovation Office. Its aim is to provide support to the university’s research groups to facilitate research and stimulate technological innovation through the transferral of the knowledge created. The TTO acts in coordination with the different specialised units in all URL centres in accordance with the university’s federated structure.

Included amongst TTO’s priority objectives are the following: providing strategic and specialised assessment to carry out research projects, technological development and innovation, collaboratively increase of the internationalisation of RDI projects between URL research groups and companies, and exploit the results obtained. In addition, OTRI encourages the creation of technology-based companies through the university’s technological parks.


URL’s Research Results Transferral Office is a member of the RedOTRI network.


New project funded for the URL TTO

The URL TTO has received co-funding from the European Regional Development Fund, for the implementation of projects in the Catalan University TTOs, aimed at significantly improving interaction with the productive sector, within the framework of call EMC/2970/2016. The URL TTO project is entitled "Strengthening of the transfer units of the URL 2017-2020" (operation code IU16-005442).


This project is presented according to the federated structure of the URL. While the main objective of the distributed units (in IQS and La Salle), is the valorisation and promotion of the transfer of technologies arising in their institutions, the function of the central unit (in the Rectorate) is the coordination and support, especially to the federated institutions of URL which do not have their own transfer structure or a distributed unit.


The aim of the central unit is to identify knowledge and technologies that can be protected and transferred, also in social sciences, where the URL has a significant critical mass of researchers and research projects. Actions are planned aimed at improving the management of the industrial property of the URL, identifying and disseminating the capabilities of its research groups, promoting collaborative research and professionalizing the human resources of the unit.




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