Research groups

Ramon Llull University has 53 different research groups, 48 of which have been officially recognized by the Catalonia’s Government in its call for grants to support these groups’ activities (SGR2017).

URL’s research groups focus on five broad areas:

  • Social innovation and change
  • Management and corporate social responsibility
  • Education: innovation, competencies and values
  • Health and biosciences
  • Energy and sustainability

Individual researchers who want to form a research group at URL have to meet a set of minimum requirements which can be evaluated over time. These conditions are summarised in our norms governing URL research groups (catalan version).

Further information about the specific activity carried out by the different URL research groups is available at GREC-URL.

List of research groups at Universitat Ramon Llull by institutions>>  (Catalan version - last update: 29/03/2019)

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