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The Ramon Llull University Management Board approved, in December 2016, the document Promoting open access at Ramon Llull University (Catalan version).


By adopting this document, the URL is committed to ensuring that members of its academic community can deposit their scholarly publications (journal articles, theses, reports, communications, scientific and technical documents, books, etc.) in an open access repository. The URL provides its space in the collective repository of the university system of Catalonia RECERCAT, in which has participated since 2012.



Ramon Llull actively promotes the publication of its research groups’ output in international and indexed journals, without obviating others with a strong tradition in Catalonia, especially in the social science and philosophy fields.


Publications by the university’s researchers can be consulted at the university’s research management tool GREC-URL and the Portal de la Recerca de Catalunya.


The URL also participates in RACO. It is an open access cooperative repository created in 2006, in which articles of Catalan scientific, cultural and scholarly journals can be consulted.


The main purpose of RACO is to increase the visibility and access to the magazines that includes and disseminate the scientific and academic production published in Catalan magazines.


The URL journals available at RACO are:


        Afinidad. Revista de química teórica y aplicada

        Aloma: revista de psicologia, ciències de l'educació i de l'esport Blanquerna

        Ars Brevis

        Bioètica & debat: tribuna abierta del Institut Borja de Bioètica

        Bioètica & debat: tribuna oberta de l'Institut Borja de Bioètica

        Comprendre: Revista catalana de filosofia

        Educació social. Revista d'intervenció socioeducativa

        Lletres de filosofia i humanitats

        Ramon Llull Journal of Applied Ethics

        Trípodos. Facultat de Comunicació i Relacions Internacionals Blanquerna


At the Office of Research and Innovation we support the research community of the URL with the management of the repositories.

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