Those over 40

Candidates with work or professional experience in a given area of study can opt for these programmes so long as they have no university degree allowing them to access university any other way or if they have turned or are over 40 years old before October 1st at the start of the academic year in question.

Participants will be able to access specific programmes provided by the university. Consequently, candidates must present their applications to the corresponding university Rector. Amongst the other criteria used to determine their acceptance or not, candidates must carry out a personal interview.



  • Have professional experience directly related to the programme in which they want to participate.
  • Not have any prior academic qualifications allowing them access to university.
  • Be 40 years old or older during the start of academic year. 


Interested candidates must provide the following documentation:

  • Photocopy of their Spanish national ID card or passport
  • Application form

  • CV and certificates or diplomas.
  • Letter to the Rector explaining their interest and motivations
  • Application fee (see the section “Exam fee and payment method”)

Registration period

The deadline to formalise their registration for the following exam will be from 6th to 17th June 2019.

The programmes offered are Bachelor's degrees in:




Price: 95,25 euros 


Exam fee and payment method

  • Payment method: in person (cash or credit card) or via bank transfer to the following bank account number: ES28 0049 1806 9429 1188 0858. Candidates must indicate their name and surname(s), along with the text “MG40”. Receipt of payment must also be sent to the following e-mail address


CV evaluation


(See all the information regarding this procedure in the following document: Norms governing access to URL official degree programmes by those over 40 by means of their professional experience)

At this stage, URL will take into account the following:

  • Professional or work experience related to the programme’s area of study
  • Training
  • Knowledge of Catalan
  • Knowledge of other languages


Results of the first phase, assessing candidates’ CVs


You can consult the results of this phase on 3rd June 2019. Successfully completing this stage is not considered equivalent to successfully completing secondary education.





Personal interview

Once successfully completing this stage, the Evaluation Committee will invite all candidates to a personal interview



Definitive results 


Candidates’ final qualification scores will be those obtained in the first phase when their CVs are evaluated so long as the Evaluation Committee determines that these candidates are APT in the second phase during the interviews.

The definitive scores will be published on 19th June 2019.




Place reservation

For those over 45 or those over 40 accrediting work or professional experience, the university will reserve no less than 1.1% of all spots but no more than 3% in its programmes.


Successful completion of this process, CV avaluation and personal interview, not automatically entitle the award of a spot in the corresponding center of the university.



Compatibility with other means of access

In no case shall access by means of programmes for those over 40 be the same as for those over 45 at the same centre.

Further information: Norms governing access to URL official degree programmes for those over 40 by means of their professional experience.



Applicable laws

Royal Decree 412/2014, dated June 6th, which regulates the basic procedures for admission to official university degrees.  Published in the official gazette, BOE.




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