Those over 25

Entrance exam

The university entrance exam for the over the age of 25 programme is held once a year. Candidates can sit the exam any number of times until successfully passing it. Candidates can also re-sit the exam to improve their scores even if they have already passed it.



  • Be 25 years old during 2019.
  • Not have passed the PAU university entrance exam or its equivalent
  • Not hold any higher vocational training degree in a technical field, plastic arts and design or sports (or their equivalent)
  • Not have any university degree







Registration period

From February 14th to 28th, 2019.


For the registration, please visit


In their application, candidates have to indicate

  1. The foreign language for which they want to be tested (choosing between English, French, German, Italian or Portuguese).
  2. Their chosen area of study: Arts and Humanities, Science, Health Sciences, Social and Legal Sciences, or Engineering and Architecture.
  3. The two subjects linked to their area of study for which they want to be tested.

Exam fee and method of payment

Exam fee 2018: Pending of approval


Candidates who wish to study at university via programmes for those over the age of 25 or those over the age of 45 and want to complete both programmes have to register for both exams and pay the corresponding fees for both.


Ordinary fee

Títol FN general i Monoparental

Títol FN Especial i altres


Fee M25 and M45

97 €

48,50 €

0,00 €


Date and time of exams

The two parts of the university entrance exam for those over 25 will be held on April 27th and May 4th, 2019, at the following times:

General phase

April 27th, 2019 (Saturday)
From 8.30 am to 9.00 am: verification of candidates’ data
From 9.00 am to 10.30 am: text commentary
From 11.00 am to 1.30 pm: three language exams (Spanish, Catalan and the chosen foreign language)

Specific phase

May 4th, 2019 (Saturday)
From 9.00 am to 9.30 am: verification of candidates’ data
From 9.30 am to 12.30 pm: the two exams corresponding to the subjects in the candidates’ chosen area of study


Exam venue

Please, consult your registration receipt.
Candidates must present their Spanish national ID card or passport and a printed copy of their receipt of payment on the day of the exams.



Exam results will be published on May 22nd, 2019 in


Final score

  • Each of the exam components is scored from 0 to 10 points.
  • Candidates must pass all the exam components in the same phase to obtain the corresponding mark.
  • The score for the general phase will be taken from the mathematical average of all four of its components.
  • The score for the specific phase will be taken from the mathematical average of its two components.
  • The overall score for the entrance exam will be taken from the mathematical average of the scores in the two exam phases. Determining this average will only be possible when candidates achieve a minimum score of four points in both of these phases.
  • Candidates will have successfully passed the entrance exam if they achieve a minimum of five points as their overall exam mark.
  • After successfully passing the entrance exam, candidates may re-sit future exam editions to improve their scores.
  • The score on any of the two exam phases when achieving a minimum of five points will also be considered valid to calculate the overall exam score. For those choosing to re-sit the exam to improve their scores, the best score obtained will be taken into account. In addition, when registering and paying to sit the exam, students must do so for the entire exam. In case students only want to use one phase’s score from a previous exam, candidates must register at the same university and for the same classes.  
  • In later editions, candidates will have to repeat the exam in its entirety.

Reserve individual exam phase scores. Exams for those over 25

  • Candidates who scored five or more points in one or both phases (general phase >=5 and/or specific phase >=5) in the immediately preceding exam edition to the current one can make use of that score in this exam sitting. To reserve this score, when registering and paying to sit the current exam, candidates must:
    . specify the phase whose score they want to reserve and
    . register at the same university and for the same classes as in the reserved phase (in the case of the general phase, this refers to the same foreign language; in the specific exam, this refers to the specific subjects).
  • To calculate the overall score of this entrance exam sitting, we shall always take into account the highest scores. As such, candidates must decide:

    . If they DO want to use the score on the previously passed phase, one of the following will be used to calculate the final score:
      - the score for the phase in the previous exam if the score on the current phase exam is lower,
      - the score for the phase in the previous exam if the candidate does NOT sit for the subjects in the current exam, or
      - the score for the phase in the current exam if the score is higher than in the previous exam sitting;

    . If they DO NOT want to use the score for the already passed exam phase (for example, if they want to change the area of study), the score for the phase in the current exam will ALWAYS be used to calculate the overall exam score

For example:  A candidate who passed both entrance exams in 2017 but only wants to improve her score on the general phase in the 2018 edition because she has changed the study area (in the 2017 exam, she registered for Health Sciences but now wants to opt for Arts and Humanities). This candidate will only be required to register for the same subjects in the 2018 exam’s general phase (the same foreign language), choosing the subjects for different specific subjects than those in the 2017 exam. To determine the overall score for the 2018 exam, we shall use the highest scores for the general phase (whether in 2017 or 2018) and only the scores in the 2018 edition’s specific phase. 


Exam review

Candidates can request that their exam scores be reviewed on May 22nd, 23rd and 24th, 2019 in

Final decisions on these reviews will be published on June 3rd, 2019.


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