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URL rector elected member of the EUA Board


Thursday, 9 April 2019. The rector of Ramon Llull University, Josep Maria Garrell, has been elected member of the Board of Directors of the European University Association (EUA) during the elections held today at the Sorbonne University (Paris) in the framework of the General Assembly of the association.

During his speech, rector Garrell stressed that "there is no doubt that the EUA plays a crucial role in defining policies, strategies and priorities at European level in the fields of higher education and research and innovation. At the same time, the EUA also plays a very important role of reference and guidance for many universities. However, Garrell added: "There is always room for improvement. The bilateral work and the relations between the different national rectors' conferences and the EUA can be improved, as well as the process of defining strategies and priorities, a task that must be done transparently among all universities”.

It is important to highlight the high participation of the Spanish member universities of the EUA in this edition of the General Assembly. This year, in Paris, 30 Spanish universities have been represented by their rectors or a member of their teams, as well as 18 others that have delegated their vote to participate actively in these elections.

Together with Rector Dr. Garrell, five more Rectors have also been elected to the Board:

  • Patrick Lévy, Président University Grenoble-Alpes
  • Marcin Palys, Rector University of Warsaw
  • Martine Rahier, Former Rector of University of Neuchatel
  • Mari Sundli, Rector of Norwegian University of Life Sciences
  • Francesco Ubertini, Rector of University of Bologna

At the same time, the EUA has also held the presidential elections where Professor Michael Murphy, former president of the University College Cork (Ireland), has been elected as the future president of the association for the next four years, thus replacing Prof. Rolf Tarrach.

EUA Annual Conference Celebration

At the end of the General Assembly, the universities will participate until tomorrow, Friday, in the Annual Conference of the USA. The theme of this edition revolves around the relevance of universities as key players in the innovation ecosystem.

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