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The URL, ranked the second Spanish university in teaching, according to the U-Ranking


The latest edition of the U-Ranking ranks again the Ramon Llull University as the 1st private university in Catalonia. The URL is also in the 6th position among both the public and private Spanish universities

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018. Ramon Llull University (URL) is the first private university in Catalonia for the fourth year in a row, according to the new edition of the U-Ranking. This ranking, an initiative of the BBVA Foundation and the Valencian Institute of Economic Research (IVIE), evaluates 61 Spanish universities, 48 public and 13 private, based on the analysis of 25 indicators. The URL maintains its position since 2015, when then private universities began to participate in this ranking.

Regarding the Spanish ranking, the URL appears in the group of universities with the sixth best result, slightly above the national average. This overall ranking of the U-Ranking is based on the performance of the universities, correcting the effects of their size.

Regarding the Volume U-Ranking, which does not take into account the size of the institution, the ranking highlights that the URL and the University of Navarra are the two best private universities. This is thanks to their volume of results, combining better results and greater dimension.

At the press conference where the ranking results were presented, it was highlighted that the private universities –including the URL– have improved their average annual performance by 8.9% since 2010 compared to 3.6% for public universities. Specifically, the URL has improved its performance by 6.4% –3.6% in the teaching dimension and 11.3% in the research dimension–.

Regarding the Spanish regions, the Catalan university system is the one that obtains the highest average performance: 120 points compared to the Spanish average of 100.

The URL, the second Spanish university in the teaching dimension

The U-Ranking also presents the results broken down by the Teaching, Research and Innovation and Technological Development dimensions.

According to the study, the URL maintains its position among the second highest performing universities in Spain in terms of teaching performance. To make the classification, 10 indicators have been evaluated in which the URL obtains a performance above the average of universities in 6 of them. Specifically, these are the indicators for ‘income/students', 'success rate',' assessment rate', ‘non abandonment rate', '% of postgraduate students' and '% of foreign students'.

As far as the Research dimension is concerned, the University ranks 9th and stands out in the indicators of "citations per document" and "% of international co-authored publications".

About the U-Ranking

The U-Ranking, an initiative of the BBVA Foundation and the Valencian Institute of Economic Research (IVIE), is a system of synthetic indicators that scores Spanish universities on their performance (U-Ranking, correcting the effect of their size) and on their volume of results (U-Ranking volume). In this way, according to Francisco Pérez, Research Director of IVIE, it is fair to recognise the heterogeneity and diversity of the Spanish university system.

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