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Ramon Llull University ranked 8th in Spain according to CYD Ranking


URL stands out in International Orientation to established itself as number 2 Spanish University

Wednesday, 22 May 2019. Ramon Llull University (URL) has been placed 8th in terms of performance in Spain according to CYD Ranking and, once again, is the 1st private university in Catalonia.

The ranking, which is promoted by Fundación CYD, has published its 6th edition. It has ranked 73 higher education institutions, which means the 90% of the Spanish university system.

In order to elaborate the ranking, the institutions have been evaluated based on 34 indicators grouped in 5 dimensions: Teaching and Learning, Research, Knowledge Transfer, International Orientation and Contribution to Regional Development. URL has got 20 highest-performance indicators, 8 medium-performance indicators and 6 low-performance indicators.

With these results in the institutional ranking, URL has improved two positions with respect to the previous edition and it has become established in the top 10 of Spanish universities.

Regarding the analysis of the dimensions, URL stands out again in International Orientation and ranks 2nd university in Spain in this dimension. This is because it has achieved 5 (out of 6) indicators with highest performance.

In the Teaching & Learning dimension, URL has obtained 5 (out of 9) indicators with highest performance. These indicators are: Bachelor graduation rate; Graduating on time (Bachelors); Bachelor performance rate; Master performance rate, and Bachelor success rate.

Regarding the Research dimension, 4 indicators (out of 7), are in highest performance: External research income (liquidated); External research income (earned); Research publications impact (size-normalised), and Top cited publications.

Finally, in the Knowledge Transfer dimension, 4 indicators (out of 8) are also above the average, and in the Regional Engagement dimension, 2 of them (out of 4) are also in better performance than the universities average.


URL institutions stand out in different subject areas

Apart from the institutional ranking that evaluates the universities as a whole, Ranking CYD also presents subject areas rankings. These rankings classify universities according to the subjects areas in which they offer degrees. In this edition, 4 of the subject areas of the URL have been ranked: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Computer Engineering.

Particularly noteworthy are the results in Industrial Engineering, which is placed 7th in the Spanish university system. In this ranking, IQS-URL has obtained very outstanding results in the International orientation dimension as it has 5 indicators with the highest performance.

In the case of Chemistry (IQS-URL), the indicators related to publications achieve excellent results: Interdisciplinary publications; Professional joint publications; Regional joint publications, and International joint publications.

With respect to Chemical Engineering (IQS-URL), it also stands out in the international orientation dimension. In this way, it achieves 5 highest-performing indicators.

Finally, in the Computer Engineering subject area, La Salle-URL has achieved excellent results in the Bachelor graduation rate, interdisciplinary publications and international students, both in bachelors and masters degree.

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