URL Academic-Teaching Quality and Innovation Unit (UQIAD-URL)

The URL Academic-Teaching Quality and Innovation Unit (UQIAD-URL) is responsible for defining our university’s academic-teaching quality and innovation policies and strategic focuses, working in coordination with the different quality areas/units in the different URL centres. At the same time, it defines the quality assurance actions to be implemented in the different teaching-academic areas (faculty evaluations, pedagogical innovation, analytic studies, etc.).

The UQIAD-URL’s objectives are as follows:

  • Design, propose and coordinate action plans to guarantee the university’s academic-teaching quality, adopting a global and transversal perspective of URL for this. UQIAD-URL can collaborate in monitoring these specific processes in each centre.
  • Provide technical support in all processes related to developing URL programmes and degrees (their verification, modification, monitorisation, and accreditation).
  • Coordinate and provide technical support to internal quality system designs, implementation and certification in all our centres.
  • Propose, analyse, monitor and update URL’s quality standards and indicators as well as national and international standards in the diverse academic-teaching quality assurance areas.
  • Promote and provide technical support to educational innovation programmes and projects implemented at our centres.
  • Promote the implementation of periodic studies and surveys on satisfaction and excellence indicators amongst the different agents involved in URL’s direct activities (students, faculty, other stakeholders, etc.) as well as encourage the evaluation of other relevant aspects regarding our institution.

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