Recognition of study periods abroad

Ramon Llull University applies all the principles of the ECTS System. The full ECTS guide can be downloaded here.

Before the departure of the student, which is carefully planned for each individual, the responsible staff member at the sending URL faculty will:

  • Discuss with the student, and finally approve, a Learning Agreement containing a programme of study abroad for a term, a semester or a year (about 20, 30 or 60 credits); this programme will have similar, complementary or coherent learning outcomes in relation to the programme in the home institution, but it will not necessarily have the same content.
  • Guarantee in advance that all credits gained abroad in the approved programme of study will be fully recognised, transferred into the home programme and used to satisfy the qualification requirements.

After the return of the student, the responsible administrator at the faculty will transfer all credits gained abroad in the approved programme of study (Transcript of Records) into the student’s official learning programme at home, indicating the learning activities they refer to, with their original titles; the credits will subsequently be included in the Diploma Supplement, with a note specifying the institution where they have been gained.

In the case of internships if the student does not receive credits for the stay, those will be recorded on his/her transcript of records and/or the Diploma Supplement.

As for incoming students, and based in the Learning/Training Agreement signed by all parties, the host faculty will send the home university the transcript of records/traineeship certificate of the student in order that he/she is able to gain recognition for the study/internship done at our university.



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