Erasmus Internships

The Erasmus internship programme is aimed at one-year university students and graduates and consists of carrying out an internship in a company, educational centre, research centre or organisation in another European country. To be able to participate in this programme, students will need to sign an agreement with their home university and the other European institution in question.

The objectives of the Erasmus internship programme are:

  1. For students / graduates to learn about and adapt to the demands of the European labour market.
  2. For students / graduates to improve their professional competencies and language skills.
  3. For students / graduates to obtain useful work experience for their professional career.

The duration of this period abroad is a minimum of two months and a maximum of twelve. The economic grants provided are aimed at covering expenses for this mobility programme (food, travel, lodging, etc.).

The European Commission also publishes a list of Erasmus Intensive Language Courses (EILC) designed to help prepare students linguistically before beginning the Erasmus study/internship programme in a country whose language is less known or not taught as frequently.

Erasmus+ Call is launched by the international relations departments at the different URL's centres/faculties: URL International relations departments >>



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