Non EU Community students

Before travelling to Spain


All non-EU students must request the corresponding study visa at the diplomatic mission or Spanish consular office of the country of origin.


Upon arrival

  • Students with a SSU study visa (less than 180 days): no further management is required.
  • Students with a SLU estudy visa (more than 180 days): must apply for a initial authorisation.
  1. To request the initial authorisation to study in Spain, students have one month as of the date they enter the European Union according to the date stamped on their passports.
  2. All documentation must be presented in an official language in Spain (Spanish or Catalan).
  3. Students must present the following documents to any Police Station located in the city of residence of the student (through previous appointment):
    • Original and copy of the application
    • Original and copy of their passports
    • Original and copy of their student visa (to be requested at the diplomatic mission or Spanish consular office at the country of origin)
    • Photocopy of the stamp certifying their entry into the EU or an airline ticket (boarding pass)
    • Letter of matriculation from the university where they’ll be studying
    • Three recent colour photos with a white background (passport size)
    • Certificate of registration with the local census
    • Medical insurance covering all medical expenses during their stay (two copies). Though insurance covering repatriation is no longer needed with the new Law on Foreign Residents, it is still recommended.

    The police station will issue an official receipt of student’s application. They will receive the actual card authorising them to study here in 1 to 2 months after presenting all the paperwork. The validity of this card will vary depending on the study period or the end of the academic year. 

    For further, complementary information, consult:


VERY IMPORTANT: The TIE must be renewed within sixty days prior to its expiration.

Since Law 39/2015 came into effect, the application for renewal can be done in one of the 2 following ways:

  1. ONLINE:
    - With a digital certificate (which can be obtained at IDCAT) on the MERCURIO platform (only in Spanish).
    -  At the General Registry Office of the Delegació del Govern in Catalunya, C/ Bergara 12, Barcelona.
       Hours: M-F 9:00-17:30; Sat 9:00-14:00.
       Summer hours (16JUN-15SEPT) M-F 8:00-15:00; Sat 9:00-14:00

    -  At the Registry of the Subdelegació del Govern in Barcelona, C/ Mallorca 278, Barcelona.
       Hours: M-F 9:00-14:00

Required documentation to be submitted:

  • Original and copy of the application
  • Passport + copy of the photo/data pages (the passport is necessary for authenticating the copy; it is not kept by the authorities)
  • TIE + copy, both sides (the TIE is necessary for authenticating the copy; it is not kept by the authorities)
  • Proof of financial means in Spanish + one copy
  • Medical insurance (no co-payment or deductible) covering all medical expenses during the stay + copy. You have to provide proof of private medical insurance commensurate with the National Health System coverage, ie without limitations, exclusions, co-payments, deductibles or re-imbursement. Required documentation includes coverage as well as the last payment receipt. 
  • University certificate indicating that the student is currently enrolled and is a student in good standing + copy
  • University certificate indicating the student’s enrollment for the following academic year.
  • Payment receipt:
  1. Go to the following link
  2. Fill in the form (fields marked with an * are required) and click on 1.3, Prórroga de la autorización de estancia por estudios) to pay the amount of €16.81, which shows up automatically at the bottom of the form.
  3. Enter the security code
  4. Click Obtener documento (“Obtain document”)
  5. Print out the first three pages of the form; the last page is not necessary.
  6. Pay the fee at any bank, where they will keep a copy and return two to you.
  7. Include the stamped receipt with the TIE renewal application. 
  • If students have changed their address, they need to submit a new empadronamiento certificate.
  • Once the application has been accepted, students are contacted by the authorities to explain the next steps.


  • REMEMBER: all documents submitted MUST be in Spanish.
  • Documents submitted which are issued by other countries must be translated to Spanish by a sworn translator and legalized by the Spanish Embassy/Consulate in the country of origin.
  • Be sure to keep a copy of all the documentation submitted, for your reference.

Further information:
Ramon Llull University
Vice-Rector for International Relations and Students
c/ Claravall, 1-3. 08022 Barcelona
Tel. (+34) 936 022 200 |

You can consult all the information on the Ministry's website and download the application form.

To request the return authorization, it is necessary to make an appointment via this link.


Students can consult the following documents regarding the different application procedures enacted by the Government’s Delegate Office in Barcelona (Office of  Foreign Nationals in Barcelona):

Ramon Llull University
Claravall 1-3. 08022 Barcelona
T. (34) 902 053 010 | (34) 936 022 200
F. (34) 936 022 249 |
NIF G-59069740

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